light brown bricked walls of a house with a light grey metal roofing and solar panels on top

Kill Devil Hills, NC

Reliable Solar Services in Kill Devil Hills, NC

At Solar Services, Inc., we are proud to be Virginia’s oldest solar company, serving the community since 1986. With unwavering dedication, we have been at the forefront of solar innovation, offering reliable and efficient solar solutions for both residential and commercial needs. Our commitment to excellence has now brought us to Kill Devil Hills, NC, and its neighboring areas, where we are excited to bring the power of the sun to your doorstep through our solar services.

Elevate Your Energy Independence with Solar Panel Installation and More!

Our expertise extends beyond mere solar panel installation. Imagine enjoying a warm pool all year round with our cutting-edge solar pool heaters. Embrace sustainable living with a solar water heater, reducing your carbon footprint while saving on energy bills. We are also your go-to EV charging station contractors, helping you seamlessly transition to electric transportation.

Are hot attics and high energy bills a concern? Our solar attic fans provide an eco-friendly solution, ventilating your space while lowering cooling costs. With Solar Services, Inc., your energy-efficient future is brighter than ever.

As champions of green energy, we don’t just stop at installations. We’re your long-term partner, offering comprehensive maintenance to keep your solar system operating at its peak. With Solar Services, Inc., you’re not just investing in solar technology; you’re investing in a sustainable future.

Join the Solar Revolution Today!

Harness the power of the sun to enhance your property value, reduce energy expenses, and contribute to a cleaner environment through our solar services. Contact Solar Services, Inc. now to embark on your solar journey in Kill Devil Hills, NC, and beyond.