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We’re A Local Company Here To Help You Go Solar!

We've been installing solar in Virginia and North Carolina since 1986! We can design and install a solar system that will save you money and prevent pollution!

Solar Services, Inc. in Virginia and North Carolina Since 1986


We are Virginia’s oldest solar company. Since 1986, we have been installing solar in Virginia Beach, VA, and North Carolina. Our highly qualified teams are dedicated to their craftsmanship.

Solar Experts

Not only do we install solar, we maintain your system too. From installation to operation, Solar Services is here to answer all your questions.

Solid Reputation

When you partner with us, you can rest assured that you’re working with a company that cares about the quality of its work and the community it serves.


We have been installing solar for over 30 years. We’ve been standing behind our work for over three decades.

We’re Here to Help You Make the Switch to Solar!

Make Solar Energy Work for You

Whether it’s solar electricity, solar pool heating, solar water heating, solar attic fans, or EV charging stations, Solar Services will guide you through every step of the way.

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Are You Ready to Make the Switch?

Why should you have solar panels? Because it’s a smart investment for your property, your wallet, and the environment. Here are some of the benefits that you’ll get:

  • Solar saves you money! No matter what type of solar you choose, you can expect decades of savings.
  • It’s good for the environment. From solar electricity to solar pool heating, all our systems are designed to use the sun instead of fossil fuels. Preventing pollution and saving you money.
  • Whether it’s a vacation rental, an investment property, or your forever home, solar homes will rent faster and make your forever home more cost-efficient.

Solar panels can be installed on your roof or on the ground, depending on what works best for your home or business. When installed correctly and maintained regularly, solar panels will last for decades! If you’re ready to switch to solar, contact us today at (757) 427-6300 to learn more and get a free estimate!

We Specialize In

residential property exteriors with solar panels installation at roof virginia beach va
Solar Electric System

We specialize in high-quality solar panel installation and are committed to ensuring that every project we work on is done right.

Solar Pool Heating System Solar Service virginia beach va
Solar Pool Heaters

This American Made system automatically heats the pool when solar energy is available. Easy to use and has a 12-year warranty. You just set the desired temperature and let the sun do the rest!

shower hot steaming water virginia beach va
Solar Water Heater

This system will more than double the amount of hot water you have. Heating all the water you use everyday with the sun will save you money and prevent pollution.

tesla ev charger virginia beach va
EV Charging Station

No matter the make or model, we can install your electric vehicle charging station in just one day. We are a certified Tesla Wall Connector Installer. Interior or exterior installation of charging stations and nema outlets.

Solar Attic Fan Solar Service in virginia beach va
Solar Attic Fans

Keeping your attic cool reduces your energy bill, extends the life of your shingles, and saves you money. Made in America, installed in just one day.

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We are a local employee-owned company who cares.

We've been in the business for years, and we've got a proven track record.

What Our Clients Are Saying


Jerry Hill


Bottom line: this is the company to work with for all your solar needs!
I moved to Suffolk a year ago and bought a home that had solar installed. What I didn’t know was that the company that installed it had gone out of business. And, to make matters worse, as far as I could tell, the solar was not working. I started calling the big solar companies–the names are not important–and none would help me. If they didn’t install it, they wouldn’t touch it. Then, insult to injury, I found out the installation had caused a leak in the roof that had been painted over inside. Great.
It was then that I finally found Solar Services. Not only did they agree to come out and diagnose my system, but they got it working again and remapped the panels so that I could monitor the output. One panel had been damaged years before and they were able to find a compatible panel and replace it. Along the way they removed all the panels and stored them in my barn so the roofers could repair the leak. Solar Services returned after the roof repair and reinstalled the panels with updated special brackets to guarantee the roof’s integrity. My system is now up and running! But the story doesn’t end here.
After getting things up and working they told me about the SREC purchase program whereby I can essentially sell the “bragging rights” for producing solar to a company. They helped me set it up and I get a check every month for each megawatt of output the previous month. This further reduces my overall cost of electricity.
I’ve been so impressed by Solar Systems, that I had them come back out on April 19th and install a solar system for my in-ground pool. We started tracking the water temperature on 25 April (68.9F). On 30 April, the temperature was 82.3F! We started swimming the next day!
I can’t say enough good things about Solar Services. It is a family business and the way I am treated, I feel like part of that family. They are reliable, dependable, and available.



Renee Smith


The service was great from start to finish. Arthur discussed options for heating our pool. We chose an electric heater and it is working great!



Scott D. Paterson

I had a wonderful experience with the dedicated customer service of Solar Services, Inc. My former company solar company filed for bankruptcy leaving me without a solar service provider. I called a large area solar company and felt just like a number to them with long hold times and poor customer service. Then I decided to continue my search and found this local big-little company, Solar Services. They went right to work for me in getting my Generac system back on line! I know they spent many hours communicating with Generac to get my system repaired and operating correctly.
I certainly owe a big thank you to Sue, Will, Thomas and the rest on their team. If you are looking for someone to newly install or maintain your existing solar system, these are the folks you will want to deal with. Thanks again Solar Services!

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Alan Hughes

Excellent company, professional and courteous.

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Andrew W.

VERY professional and friendly. Immediately answer any questions we had and the installation team was top-notch.

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Michael Provost

Solar services is my go-to company for all things solar and EV. They expertly installed solar on the roof of my last home, installed an EV charger in my garage, and then relocated my EV charger to my new home this year. Professional, timely, and very knowledgeable, 5-stars without hesitation!

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Daniel Wilson

Strongly recommended. I had a great experience while on the phone with Sue, she even managed to save me some money by having another non local appointment scheduled the same day. The techs that came to work were professional and courteous and one had been with the company 30+ years which IMO says a lot about the company. Overall I am happy and will continue to use Solar Services

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Rishik Vashisht

Installed a level 2 EV charger outlet Got the quote in an instant which was very competitive. The whole staff was very courteous and responsive. Filed the permit in a timely manner and got the job done within a week and passed the inspection. Would highly recommend.

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Makayla Irby

Great company! They are so helpful when I contact them—wonderful customer service!

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Dan Pribus

These guys helped a local solar company set up our pool solar. That company then decided not to follow that direction and left the area without any expertise. Six years later when we had some issues solar services spent lots of phone tech support time and texting until we sorted it out. They made no cash for this work, but we love them.

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Mark Peteritas

This is our second solar installation (first one is up in Pennsylvania, using a PA-based installer). This one in Sandbridge was with Solar Services. I was impressed with Solar Services through every step of the project. First, they beat the other two quotes we had received with very similar equipment, and they were able to get a larger array designed for our property. Second, they have been around for a long time and have an excellent reputation. Third, they were able to get our job squeezed in before our rental season started, on fairly short notice. Fourth, they knocked out the installation FAST. Once they started, they were in and out in 2 days, and were very respectful of the property. Lastly, they were super kind and easy to work with. Communication was great, and timely at all phases of the project. We would use Solar Services again, for sure. I would post photos for you, but their design made the panels pretty much invisible from the street! Another bonus, I guess.

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Excellent company. Have used them for multiple renewable energy projects (Solar Power, solar hot water, and solar pool heating). They’re extremely knowledgeable, reasonably priced, have exceptional install quality, and are just great to work with. Strongly recommend for any project.

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